Quality bee timbeware made to order.
Located on the Sunshine Coast.

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Over 28 Years Experience

Founded through the love of commercial bee keeping and wood work. AT BEES FARMING understands the strict requirements that come with the art bee keeping. Our quality bee timberware harbours a quality hive and are simple, fun, and easy to put together.

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Locally Harvested & Milled Timber

We use only beautiful Australian Hoop Pine for all our bee boxes as we believe it is best suited to our Australian weather conditions. We strive for accurately cut and long lasting boards for our bee boxes and timberware.

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Quality Bee Timberware

Each piece of bee box timberware is individually checked before being packed, wrapped and delivered. We endeavor to keep all our machinery in optimal condition, in turn providing you with a lasting, accurate and quality product that you're sure to love.

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Quality bee timbeware made to order.

Commercial Beekeeping

We are a local couple who are commercial beekeepers. We share a love of bees, and love for the land. Arthur has over 28 years of beeking experience and has made his own Supers, Bottoms, Nukes and Clearer Boards (to name a few) for over 20 years!

Everything Local

We use locally grown, harvested, milled and kiln dried timber, from right here in our beautiful Mary Valley. Our beautiful employees are local as well! We support local business and local agriculture.

Quality Control

Each piece of our bee timberware is quality checked individually. Our product comes as a flat pack, ready for you to dip/stain/paint as you so wish. We welcome all orders, large or small so click here to starting your order rolling!



Some examples of our Bee timberware.

Copper Dipping

We provide a copper dipping service at an additional cost. Copper dipping helps seal the wood from environmnetal effects and provides you with much longer product life.

Nuke Super

An example of one of our Nuke Supers made from beautiful Hoop Pine. This particular box fits 5 standard honey frames. It also features handle holes which can be added for an additional cost.

10 Frame Lid

10 Frame lid rims to cover your hives from intruders and the weather conditions.

Full Depth Nuke Bottom

Full depth bottom box featuring a tin base, cleats and pine risers and a routed entrance hole.

Full Depth 10 Frame Bottom

This is one of our full depth 10 frame bottoms. All bottom boxes feature a routed entrance as standard.

10 Frame Super

The most common box for commercial beekeping. The 10 frame super.


*Subject to change without notice.

4 Frame Super 245mm Deep $16.00
4 Frame Full Depth Bottom 250mm Deep $16.00
5 Frame Super 245mm Deep $18.50
5 Frame Full Depth Bottom 250mm Deep $18.50
6 Frame Super 245mm Deep $19.50
6 Frame Full Depth Bottom 250mm Deep $19.50
8 Frame Super 245mm Deep $22.00
8 Frame Full Depth Bottom 250mm Deep $22.00
10 Frame Super 245mm Deep $22.00
10 Frame Full Depth Bottom 250mm Deep $22.00

*All Boxes come standard with lifting cleats. If handle holes are needed for order, cleat will not be supplied unless requested at extra cost.

Migratory Lids
4 Frame Lid Rims 45mm Deep $6.00
5 Frame Lid Rims 45mm Deep $6.00
6 Frame Lid Rims 45mm Deep $6.00
8 Frame Lid Rims 45mm Deep $6.00
10 Frame Lid Rims 45mm Deep $6.00
Masonite To Suit Lids - $6.50

*Risers set for bottom box, copper treated and termite treated (75mm x 35 mm) are $2.50 per set.

Optional Extras
Clearer Boards (2-4 Bee Escapes) -
Assembly Per Item -
Copper Dipping Per Item -
Freight -

Coming Soon
Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, Hive Tool -
Frames To Suit Boxes -

* All orders must be paid for in full, before the Bee Timberware leaves our factory. We welcome pick-ups, again, orders must be paid in full, before leaving our factory.


Call us on, 0481 341 087, or E-mail us at

We are located on the Sunshine Coast

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